Fridge0 could be used with any solar charge controller that's big enough to run the fridge.

It's a good idea to pick a charge controller that can be connected to the computer and tell it at least the current voltage and how many watts the solar panels are producing. Otherwise, you would need additional sensors for fridge0 to determine is it sunny.

Joey Hess's fridge0

I use an Epsolar Tracer BN.

This is an inexpensive MPPT charge controller.

It also has the advantage of having a data port, so the computer can read a lot of information from it, including the current voltage, watts being produced by the solar panel, etc.

One very annoying thing about this charge controller is it does not distinguish when the battery is in the absorb charging stage, so a not yet full battery with 100 watts coming in may be a fairly cloudy day, or full sun with the battery in the absorb charging stage. (It can tell you when the battery is charged in the float stage.)


Please add your controller information here if you do a fridge0 build.